Wario Water Walk 2016

Join us Saturday, September 10th, 2016 for our 3rd annual Wario Water Walk.

For most of us, clean water is as simple as turning on the tap. Around the world, people have no option but to walk for miles in search of clean water. Get a taste of what that is like at the 2016 Wario Water Walk, as we carry water jugs around Wapato Lake.

All ages are welcome! Proceeds support campaigns for clean water in Ethiopia by A Glimmer of Hope.

Register below to participate in the experience, and receive a medal.

Find us on the south side of Wapato Park, near 72nd street at 8 AM. The race begins at 8:45 AM.

Special Guest
Wario Done Jida from Ethiopia!

Early in the Starfish story, we had the opportunity to support Wario. Now, with his continued passion for clean water and sustainable agriculture, he serves as the eyes and ears on the ground in Ethiopia for Starfish.

Join our Water Walk and hear first hand the difference Starfish can make, with supporters like you!



2016 Event
  • Clean Water to Africa
  • Learn About Ethiopia
  • Family Experience


Your Impact!

2016 Event
  • Clean Water to Africa
  • Learn About Ethiopia
  • Can’t Walk, but Want to Help!

Questions? Contact shannon@starfishfundraising.com.